Humble Christian School is pleased and excited about this opportunity to provide its high school learners with both high school and college credits. These dual credit courses allow high schoolers to complete their high school coursework and use that same coursework to achieve college credit. The upside is that the high schooler gets these courses as a headstart on college and can save money. Do we have your attention? If so, read on and learn more about dual credit.


Dual Credit is part of the Lone Star College System’s exceptional admissions program. Those who qualify can earn high school and college credit. Both high school and college credits are awarded upon completing the course.

  •  The student must be at least a second-semester freshman.
  • Freshman must have a grade average of 85 or higher on their final 8th grade report card.
  • Sophomores through Seniors must have a Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher on their current transcript.
  • The student must apply to the HCS Dual Credit Program and receive an acceptance letter from the HCS campus Counselor.
    • Students apply by sending an email ( or a letter to the High School counselor requesting admission into the Dual Credit Program.
    • The student has also completed a graduation plan with the HCS campus counselor.
  • The student has a current admissions application with LSC through, received a Lone Star student I.D., and has a Mylonestar account.
  • The student has completed the Pre-assessment Activity before signing up to take the TSIA-2
    • Lone Star College now has a new version of the Pre-Assessment Activity (PAA) that is required before you can test.
    • Contact the Assessment Center at LSC-Kingwood in the SCC building, Room 223. Phone: 281.312.1476 E-mail:
    • The student has taken the TSIA-2 and has met LSC standards for admission into dual credit courses. Sophomores through Seniors can also meet the requirement with PSAT NMSQT, which meets the LSC standards.


  • The student can only enroll in Lone Star’s full term courses (12-16wks college courses)
  • The student has an Exceptional Admission Form with approvals from their parent/guardian and the high school counselor.
  • Second-semester Freshmen can enroll for one course.
  • Sophomores through Seniors are limited to 2 courses per semester unless prior approval is gained from HCS, and additional classes are based on a graduation plan.
  • Lone Star does not permit the student to continue in the dual credit program if the student receives a C or lower without filing an appeal with the Lone Star Dual Credit Director. The same applies if a student receives a D or F in an HCS course.
    • If a student earns a D in a dual credit course, he/she may receive high school credit; however, a D does not transfer to another college or university. This would result in the student needing to retake the college course to transfer the credit earned.
    • If a student earns an F in a dual credit course, he/she will not receive high school or college credit for the course. A student must earn a B or higher to continue to be eligible to enroll in dual credit courses.
  • Summer courses may be taken but are not included in your HCS tuition.

If you have additional questions or want more information, contact Mr. Monts in the counselor’s office or download the Dual Credit Handbook ’23.