Foundational Principles



To be recognized as the premiere Christian School in the area for developing well-prepared champions for the faith that impact the world for Jesus Christ.


Partnering with parents to train our children to be disciples for Christ through excellence in spiritual, academic, social and physical instruction.

  1. As a ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ, we provide the opportunity for a quality Christian education and strive for excellence in spiritual, academic, social and physical development.
  2. As every student is designed by God for a specific purpose in this life, we seek to assist parents in molding character and training Godly leaders, who will make an impact on the people they touch for Jesus Christ.

Why Christian Education?

Measurements of Success
Children graduate as godly leaders, with a deep love for the Lord who make an impact on the people they touch for Jesus Christ.

  1. Graduates have profoundly Christian worldview
  2. Graduates openly share their faith and impact others for Jesus Christ
  3. Graduates excel in academics
  4. Graduates have strong biblical knowledge and are able to defend and explain their faith in a hostile culture
  5. Graduates go on to attend major colleges
  6. Alumni come back to support the school with time, finances and their own children

Guiding Principles

  1. Seek God’s truth and righteousness first and all these other things will be added
  2. Seek only God’s glory in all things
  3. Non-denominational and grounded in the basic tenets of the Christian faith
  4. Do not favor one of God’s children over another
  5. Keep tuition affordable for a wide range of income levels
  6. Maintain independence from a church or supporting organization
  7. Impact the lives of as many children as possible without sacrificing quality
  8. Maintain strong financial health
  9. Maintain high level of parent involvement