Distinguished Level of Achievement & Endorsements


Did You Know Your High Schooler Can Be

Designated as Distinguished Learner?

The state of Texas offers a way for high schoolers to be recognized for their hard work. The state has a program that acknowledges high schoolers’ extra effort and identifies them as achieving what is called: The Distinguished Level of Achievement. This designation requires that the high schooler earns four credits in math, including Algebra II; four credits in science; and successful completion of an endorsement in an area of interest.


Why it Matters —

  • The Distinguished Level of Achievement opens a world of educational and employment opportunities for your high schooler beyond high school. The Distinguished Level of Achievement will:
    • Allow your high schooler to compete for the top 10% automatic admissions eligibility at any Texas public university.
    • Position your high schooler among those ‑first in line for a TEXAS Grant to help pay for university tuition and fees; and
    • Ensure your high schooler is a more competitive applicant at the most selective colleges and universities.

Keep in Mind—

  • Graduating from Humble Christian School means that you have completed four years of math, including Algebra II, and four years of science.
  • Then you need to choose an endorsement to appear on your transcript.


Choosing an Endorsement—

  • What is an endorsement?
    • An endorsement is a group of related courses that are grouped together by interest or skill set. These endorsements are designed to provide a deeper knowledge level of a subject area.
    • There are five endorsement areas from which to choose:
      • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)
      • Business and Industry
      • Public Service
      • Arts and Humanities
      • Multi-Disciplinary Studies
    • Can you complete more than one endorsement?
      • Yes, you can.
      • Check below as to what those requirements include.
    • How do you complete the requirements for these endorsements?
      • STEM endorsement requires the following:
        • Complete all the required courses in our curriculum.
          • Including four years of math (including Algebra II) and four years of science
          • Complete four courses in the STEM elective curriculum
        • Business and Industry endorsement requires:
          • You meet all the graduation requirements
          • Take four electives from our agriculture, business and management, hospitality & tourism, finance, or audio/visual elective courses
        • Arts and Humanities endorsement requires:
          • Meet all the graduation requirements
          • 2 years of two languages other than English or 4 years of the same language other than English
          • Courses from two areas in fine arts beyond those required for graduation which can include electives offered here or as dual credit courses.
        • Multi-Disciplinary Studies
          • Complete one of the following
            • 4 credits in each foundation subject (listed below)
              • 4 science credits
              • 4 math credits
              • 4 English Credits
              • 4 Bible Credits
              • 4 dual credit courses selected from
                • English, mathematics, science, social studies, economics, LOTE, or fine arts
  • What Happens Next
    • Your transcript will show that you met the requirements for a Distinguished Level of Achievement.
    • Your Endorsement will appear on your transcript as well.
    • You qualify for easier acceptance in any public university in Texas.
    • You are first in line for the Texas Grant if you have a financial need.